Exhibit 21.1

List of Subsidiaries of Super Group (SGHC) Limited


Entity Name



Super Group (SGHC) Merger Sub, Inc    Delaware
SGHC UK Limited    UK
SGHC SA Limited    Australia
Webhost Limited    Guernsey
Pelion Holdings Limited    Guernsey
Lanester Investments Limited    Guernsey
Seabrook Limited    Gibraltar
Selborne Ltd    Gibraltar
Digimedia Limited    Malta
AlphaMedia Limited    Malta
Digimedia (Alderney) Limited    Alderney
Partner Media Limited    Gibraltar
Buffalo Partners Limited    Gibraltar
Fengari Holdings Limited    Guernsey
Baytree Limited    Guernsey
Bayton (Alderney) Limited    Alderney
Bayton Limited    Malta
Baytree (Alderney) Limited    Alderney
City Views Limited    Guernsey
Pindus Holdings Limited    Guernsey
Kavachi Holdings Limited    Guernsey
Betway Group Limited    Guernsey
Marzen Limited    UK
Sevenvale Limited    Guernsey
WinTechnologies Spain Operations, Sociedad Limitada    Spain
Win Technologies (UK) Limited    UK
Betway KZ LLP    Kazakhstan
Betway Alderney Limited    Alderney
Topcroyde Limited    Cypress
JALC «Bel-Vladbruvals»    Belarus
Funplay Limited    Malta
Betway Limited    Malta
Betway Spain SA    Ceuta
Betbox Limited    Malta
Yakira Limited    Guernsey
GM Gaming Limited    Malta
GM Gaming Columbia S.A.S    Columbia
GMBS Limited    Malta
GM Gaming (Alderney) Limited    Alderney
Gazelle Management Holdings Limited    Guernsey
Headsquare (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Digibay Limited    Nigeria
The Rangers Limited    Uganda
Sports Betting Group Ghana Limited    Ghana
Media Bay Limited    Tanzania

Emerald Bay Limited    Zambia
Rosebay Limited    Cameroon
Diamond Bay Limited    Rwanda
Jogos Socialis E Entretenimento, SA    Mozambique
Merryvale Limited    Guernsey
BG Marketing Services Limited    UK
Stanworth Development Limited    Guernsey
Tailby Limited    Guernsey
Akova Holdings Limited    Canada
Delman Holdings Limited    Canada
Hennburn Holdings Limited    Canada
DigiProc Consolidated Limited    Guernsey
Digiprocessing (Mauritius) Limited    Mauritius
Digi2Pay Investments (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Digiprocessing Limited    Gibraltar
Digiprocessing Pty Limited    South Africa
Digiprocessing (IOM) Limited    Isle of Man
Raging River Trading (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Osiris Trading (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Raichu Investments (Pty) Ltd    South Africa
Zuzka Ltd    British Virgin Islands
Diversity Tech Investments (Proprietary) Limited    South Africa
Digital Outsource International Limited    UK
DOS Digital Outsource Services Unipessoal LDA    Portugal
Wingate Trade (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Digital Outsource Services (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Haber Investments Limited    Guernsey
Red Interactive Limited    UK
Easter Dawn Sports Pty Ltd    South Africa
Smart Business Solutions SA    Paraguay
CadGroup Limited    Guernsey
Cadway Limited    Alderney
Cadtree Limited    Alderney